When you can spending and saving at the same time.. who doesn't want to?


I joined this program last month (or last year!). My World Plus (MWP) main product is based on a discount card which offers great savings at major shopping merchants, hotels and restaurants, etc. Check out the list of outlets that provide discounts for the card - it is huge! Check out MyWorld Plus and see how you stand to benefit from this program. Now besides the discount card, you could also enrol downlines as earn as well. Many people make great residual income here. There are weekly (Thursdays)and monthly bonus payouts that pay good money as well. The structure is based on a single leg vertical acceleration program.

Mohd. Sapawi Abd. Rashid
27, Automobile Engineer


Initially when one of my friends introduced me to MWP, I passed on the offer since I did not have much knowledge about MWP. However, I took a harder look when a couple of months later this same friend of mine came back with proof that he made over a 1000 USD. I took advantage of the free trial to study the program and found that this program is simple and it works.

I now make several hundred dollars each weeks and monthly. If you are not into finding downlines dont worry because 95% the system already did for you. Make your money work for you. Period.
Earning USD100 to USD500 weekly is peanuts when compared to what the serious MWP members are earning. This might sound ridiculous but a number of these people are earning over USD 10,000 each month. You might think that this is impossible but I'd suggest that you take that small step and give MWP a try.

Mohd. Hazir Awang
30, Project manager


I am 25 years old and currently working as an engineer in one of the GLC's up north. The salary that I am earning now might be enough to sustain my single lifestyle but I am looking for ways to increase my income for a better family lifestyle.

I joined MWP on 27th October 2007. My initial 'investmen't was only USD71. Once I saw that MWP is for real I introduced MWP to some of my close friends. And you know what....I got about USD10,000 within 3 months. From then on I was earning pure profit and never looked back. Another interesting thing is that the payments are always on time.

Mohd. Ridhuan
25, Engineer